Expert Installation and Maintenance for Top-Tier Protection

At GTA Limerick, we specialise in fire alarm systems designed to offer unbeatable safety for homes, businesses, and public premises. Our skilled fire alarm technicians ensure that each fire emergency system is up to the highest safety standards, providing peace of mind and protection against fires.

What We Offer to our Clients:

  • Advanced System Design: Tailored solutions that meet your specific safety requirements.
  • Reliable Maintenance and Repair: Regular service to keep your systems operational and efficient.
  • Emergency Lighting Systems: Ensuring visibility and safety in case of power failures.
  • Leading Technology: We use only industry-proven technology that guarantees reliability and advanced functionality.
  • Accessible Control and Information: Our modern fire protection systems are easy to manage, even in emergency situations, ensuring that you can always access operational information and controls.
  • On-going Support: Our team of local technicians can service and audit your fire requirements on a regular basis ensuring your property is safe and avoiding any unnecessary risk from fire damage. 

Protect Your Property with Advanced Fire Safety Technology

Our comprehensive fire alarm and emergency lighting systems are designed to provide not just alarms, but a robust safety network that reacts intelligently in emergencies. Contact us today to ensure that your property is equipped with the latest in fire safety technology.